White Tigress

FIERA open today! at 1 PM Slt!! <3

an chailín álainn

“A woman may develop wrinkles and cellulite, lose her waistline, her bustline, her ability to bear a child, even her sense of humor, but none of that implies a loss of her sexuality, her femininity” ~Barbara Gordon

SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair (March 15th - March 31st, 2014).

Women. Within each of us is innate sexuality. In most it is buried deep in layers of puritanism sprung from upbringing. For the lucky few, the white tigress, it is known that if you cannot face directly your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality. Fiera. A word with many meanings in Italian. Fair, wild animal, a woman proud in her feminine inclination. Bring out your inner tigress, tomorrow, join SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair as we create A HAUTE COUTURE REVOLUTION.

15-31 march 2014 @ SAVIAD

This can be defined as the main event of 2014: SAVIAD, a group spawned from the fusion of three main SL® fashion brands: Solidea Folies, Violator…

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