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Long intros are cool because there’s a little bit of anticipation, you know? ~Miranda Lambert

Long IntrosSkin: Clef de Peau, Jemma (peach) *SKIN FAIR* . Hair: Boon, Dare83 . Ring: LaGyo, Mackenzie **Collabor88* . Hands/Feet: Always SLINK (I never take them off) .

Yep, after a really long intro, it’s time. A new generation of Haute Couture is born. We are thrilled to announce that FIERA Spring Fashion Fair (15 – 31 March 2014) organized by SAVIAD is now Open! Featuring Exclusive Spring Themed New Releases from the BEST DESIGNERS on the Grid.

Long IntrosDress: *SoliDea FoliEs*, Blooming Spring **Saviad** . Glasses: H.M.A.E.M., Flowers of my Garden . Hair: Dura, Boy44 . Daisy’s: Pretense Poses . Pose: .Slouch .

The fair is spread over 3 sims. And their is a remarkable all designer’s in giveaway contest. But heck, what are you here reading this for? Get over there and check it all…

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