Libera for 2Lei – me for Second Life Fashion World STAND with 2Lei – “One of a Kind” Fashion Auction @ SaliMar Luxury District

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I’m in the 2Lei organization since the first moment when we started this campaign. It was 4 years ago, and the theme was not so well known like it is today.

It was , it is, always a great emotion. It is always difficult and so deep to approach as a subject, but all the 2Lei commitee and people involved was and is amazing for me.

I’m proud to be one of them.

I’m part of fashion world of SL. It is my passion and my dream.

And finally this year I’m so happy to have brought my “personal” world in this campaign, and i’m really thankful to all my collegues that gave their contribution to me. Side by side, this is the right way for me to be strong.

I can’t tell all the names but let me do some names for all, let me thank Soraya Vaher a talented genius of avant-gard fashion in SL, a powerfull woman and a great friend, with me from the start of my mad idea to call artists and designers to help this cause. Thanks to Giz Seorn a light in SL Fashion Industry, Strong woman with a soft and warm soul. Thank to Yula Finesmith, the creator of the most beautiful jewelery of all SL. Thank to the old talented fashion friends of my SL, Aliza Karu, Nevery Lorakeet, Riri Bazar and Natzuka Miliandrovic for the support, the patience and the perseverance on this cause. a Big thanks to all the 33 designers and 33 models that gave their work for this cause. I can’t find the right words to tell how much I admire you all and how I’m thankful for your contribution.

Thanks to NicoleX Moonwall that gift to me and Soraya 2 amazing machinima presentation for our events.

My angels, Caoimhe Lionheart , Bodza Blackadder and the lil dragon Draakje Dailey (the most discret helper of all the world , she rocks) .

Tomorrow will be a great day and too a very difficult day for me , the other piece of my SL fashion heart will retired, this time seriously, and tell to her “ok Cao vai. sii felice e riposati” believe me, is the most difficult thing that I will do in SL. My Caoimhe is not only my manager, she is in all this years a constantly inspiration a rock for my blowing essence.

She tell me that i’m not loosing her, and I know that, she will be with me in the same way, but not like a worker only like a sister and … even if I’m lil sad,it is a lot, more that most of people have in their life.

Solidea will have a new great person as manager, the talented Absinthe Montenegro, her story in SL is a promise of great things for us, a new adventure !

All of you know how I’m shy about my feelings , I always prefer that my works talk for me, but I need to tell to all of you what great changes I’m doing in this period.

My dream is also a more easy world for all woman. For this reason I strongly believe in the work that 2Lei organization is doing, and this is the reason why I’m asking to all of you to be with us, to stand with us.

We Stand , we care

love u

Mila Tatham

November 25th, according to the United Nations, is the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women“. The United Nations Development Fund for Women estimates that at least one of every three women globally will be beaten, raped, or otherwise abused in her lifetime. 
For them, we choose to stand up. 
We will stand, not because it is a popular thing to do, we stand because it’s the only thing we can do; these are our sister’s, mother’s, girlfriends, acquaintances, humans, women. 
They are even some of us. 
The designers and models of Second Life will stand to be heard, support, embrace, and raise up these women November 23, 2013. We will let the victims, and their abuser’s, know we won’t turn our back on them, or cover our eyes, we are here and we care. Violence against women and girls is not inevitable. Prevention is possible and essential.
So won’t you stand with us?
Our dedicated, giving designers of Second Life have created unique items for this event, there will be only one copy of their liberte inspired design and through their generosity, and your generous giving heart, it can be yours. During the week long 2Lei event in Second Life (November 18th through the 25th) there will be several events taking place.
Fashion Auction Location / Picture by Caoimhe Lionheart
For our event, the Designers and models auction portion, from November 19th through November 22nd, you can preview these designer’s items on the Salimar Luxury District sim, and place bids on items you wish to own.  
The final “live” bidding will take place November 23rd, 2013 at 2:30PM SLT, with some of Second Life’s finest models donating time to style and show these amazing designs. The auction’s bid winner will receive their one of a kind outfit from the model and will be the only owner of the outfit for eternity. All proceeds from the auction will go to the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women.
Please come and celebrate with us. Please, give with us, even if it is only your time, please support this important cause.
With $10US (approx. 2500L), 6 women survivors of violence can receive psychosocial counseling in countries across Africa and Asia. With $100USD (25000L), 17 women’s right activists in the Middle East can be trained to engage men and boys as change agents to end violence against women and girls. With our pooled together $1,000USD (250,000L), 70 police officers can be sensitized to respond to women survivors of violence without gender bias in India. Every little bit helps. Together, we can help.
Won’t you be a partner to essential change with us?
Second Life Fashion World STAND with 2Lei – “One of a Kind” Fashion Auction 
@ SaliMar Luxury District
Saturday nov 23th
2.30 pm slt
Slurl :
Auctioner : Orian Wirefly
Aliza Karu – AD Creations 
Teyara Mayo – ANGGUN
Mami Jewell – Azul
Babychampagne Sass – BSD Design Studio
Thor Vespucciano – C&N Designs
Momokaromano Omizu – *chocolat**
Kristine Lowey – Chrysalis
Kiddo Oh – Dead Dollz
Delypop Cresci – DeHat
Yula Finesmith – Finesmith Jewelry
Giz Seorn – Gizza
Riri Bazar – h.m.a.e.m.
Mexi Lane _ Imagin@rium Fashion ART
Trinity Graves – In-Pose
Faina Cortes – La Malvada Mujer
Nevery Lorakeet – LpD
Bodza Blackadder – Living Imagination
Samantha Jones – Liv Glam 
Kim Lysette – Liv Glam/K Collection
Lybra Rage – Lybra 
Lyrical Bizarre – Lyrical Bizarre Templates
Katiusha Vollmar – KVDream Agency
Catlyn Sahara, Yatsumi Resident – Kawaii Dolls
Natzuka Miliandorvic – Natzuka 
Elettra Gausman – Orage Creations
Journey McLaglen – Prism
Shaleene Kenin – Pure Poison
Eleseren Brianna – Romance Couture
Sascha Frangili – Sascha’s Designs
Shinichi Mathy – Shiki 
Mila Tatham – SoliDea FoliEs
Bouquet Babii – Vero Modero
Zzoiezee – Zanze 
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Organization: Caoimhe Lionheart, Bodza Mubble, Draakje Dailey, Mila Tatham
for info: Bodza Mubble
all about 2lei events and organization :

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