White Sparkles

Sl Fashion STAND for 2Lei / Call for Models!! join us! ♥

an chailín álainn

White SparklesHat: Finesmith, March Gift **FREE!!** . Earrings: Finesmith, Ethnic . Necklace: Finesmith, Guella **NEW** .

I’ve been on such a white kick these past few days. A nor-easter is turning my beloved beach frightfully cold. (55 F / 13 C) I know, I am such a whiner and I digress. White is a color that invokes such coldness. I’ve never seen snow but I know how it sparkles and glistens when kissed by the winter sun. So forgive me my moments indulgence in the chilliness about me, I will be back to the normal hues of Florida shortly.

Well, it’s time. The designers have stepped up, the artists have also. There is a wonderful photography contest going on as well, if you would like to participate, please contact Elettra Gausman for details. The only thing missing is my much beloved models. I received NC’s from about a dozen of you…

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