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an chailín álainn


I am sure you all remember this? It was my “Modern Baroque Romantic” styling for Avenue tryouts. I had tucked the outfit away, softly folded with lavendar sachets in some dusty trunk in a deep corner of the attic of my inventory. The place I put all my treasured styles, outfits and gifts. I like to think of them as tucked there so one day a beloved grandaughter will find it whilst exploring and spend the day playing forest nymph, elf princess or any of the myriad of whimsy I’ve hidden there. But I pulled it back out because it didn’t seem finished. I had casted it off without its proper send off. It was just a snapshot, a silly snapshot.


I always, ALWAYS, have interpretations done of my major stylings, one day I hope to write a childrens books with many of them. Even if only for my adorable…

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