dollydoll for buffy’s k i l l e r d o l l <3

dollydoll for buffy’s k i l l e r d o l l , inserito originariamente da Mila*SoliDea FoliEs*/crazy with new rl home.

Tramite Flickr:
when i tell to Antonella about my special world in Second Life, she say me "amazing!! I wanna try!" …and i smile

when Buffy born I was amazed about her facility to became a spectacular avatar …

when she start to make pictures in SL and mix and match so well designers works I was amazed again and enjoy a lot making fool shopping with her … smiling together…

when she choose to have my SaliMar like her home in SL, she gently take another piece of my heart…..

today I’m proud to invite all of you at her special event !

thanx to Aliza, Nevery, Riri, Caoimhe, Draakje for helping me to fulfill a little dream of her <3

love you my foolish friend I wish you only joy in every life … :)
Mila <3

*SoliDea FoliEs* Dolly Doll
exclusive and limited release for "Art meet Fashion"
Solo Show_Buffy Holfe

our Tunes

Invite&Press Release
SaliMar _ Art Sim
art meet fashion

solo expo_Buffy Holfe
with inedited artworks

featuring_ADCreations _*LpD*_ *SoliDea FoliES*
with exclusive creations designed & available only for this event in a very limited edition

Opening & Party
may 31th
1.30 pmslt

models// Draakje Dailey.Falbala Fairey.Kellis.Catlyn Sahara.Irina Strazytski.CottonCandy Teardrop

with the precious help of Caoimhe Lionheart

opening_expo_party_show_exclusive shop!!!!!!
Press Release///

SaliMar_ArtSim is proud to present the new project
"Art Meet Fashion"

with a Solo Show of the very talented artist

Buffy Holfe

Buffy in her works for this special event give us her personal vision of the work of 3 designers.
Aliza Karu from AD Creations, Nevery Lorakeet from *LpD*, and Mila Tatham from *SoliDea FoliEs* that join this event with special releases in a very limited edition.

The releases from the designers will be available only in the expo location for two weeks, after than a little number will be available only in store and marketplace.

SaliMar _ Art Sim with the NEW project "Art meet Fashion" open its doors again to creatives.
the formula is art + fashion, having fun, doing the show, combining the two fields that SaliMar loves most.

Buffy as choosen the Episode:100 set for her expo, and
to thanx her "home" in Second Life all the profits from her works will go to SaliMar_ArtSim.

for more infos about the project please contact: Caoimhe Lionheart


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