voilà ***

voilà ***, inserito originariamente da Mila*SoliDea FoliEs*/crazy with new rl home.

Tramite Flickr:
I’m so happy about my new exclusive shape!! It is my born shape exclusively modify for me by the great Riri Bazar (mia moglia:)))
I need somenthing new for Mila and I think this is so nice isn’t it??

thank you so much Riri <3 <3

Shape_ amazing custom shape by Riri Bazar /Hmaem :****
Hat _ Hmaem (NEW)
Dress_ Chantkare (ty Applonia I love this dress<3 <3)
Pose_ Del May
Lips_ Mons
Necklace_ *SoliDea FoliEs*


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