Modavia Fashion Directory 22

Modavia Fashion Directory 22, inserito originariamente da Ms. Watanabe.

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of the Directory for 2012. Our cover model for this edition is Mavi Beck, dressed and photographed by Joy Laperriere. Also featured on the cover is the very first outfit from the soon to be released new .Shi male collection.

Pride of place in this edition goes to the new mesh collection from Maitreya. It has all the awesome detailing and classy styling that we have come to expect from Onyx. Quality work. Take a look at our editorial for a first glimpse of the new Devi boots from this collection.

Also rocking this edition with as-yet-unreleased designs is Amutey DeCuir. Check out the COLLECTIONS section for her Chinese New Year inspired designs shot by Petra Messioptra.

Modavia Fashion Directory Edition 22

image courtesy of Modavia Fashion Marketing


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