CHAPPELLERIE MissMila_ is open!

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CHAPPELLERIE MissMila_ is open!, inserito originariamente da Mila Tatham *SoliDea FoliEs* <3.

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Hi all!!!

as everyone know I love headpieces and hats… and so I thinked i’d like to have a little cute shop, only for my crazy hats!
A Chappellerie… I can’t tell you why but for me is a very romantic place… a place for Madame… :)

Wearing a Hat is a matter of freedom, of fantasy, happyness or sadness…Strong personality and irrepressible fantasy…is a way for express ourselves…and most of all, it is so funny!

For this first release I asked to some friends to help me, wearing some of my hats in their own way… I think all of them are amazing and so beautifull!
Anna, Cole, Buffy, Miaa, Mia, Riri, Sophielle, love you all!

So… I hope you enjoy my little new experiment :D

Mila Tatham


The Hats***
CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* Un Fiocco in Testa
featured by MiaEmlyn Mayflower

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* It’s a joke!
featured by Sophielle

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* A mariposa on my jellyfish **
featured by Riri Ninni

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* La Signora delle Camelie
featured by Buffy Holfe

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* Le Farfalle nella Testa
featured by Buffy Holfe

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* Mi hanno portato una conchiglia
featured by Anna Sapphire

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* Ti ho visto bene
featured by Miaa Rebane

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* No, non giro!
featured by Miaa Rebane

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* Si, pungo!

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* Souvenir D’Italie
featured by CoMa

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* Carmelitana

CHAPPELLERIE_ MissMila* I’m messy


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