The Italian Taste For Kenya!! °°° Join us!

The Italian Taste For Kenya!! °°° Join us!, inserito originariamente da Mila Tatham.

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Sometimes Second Life is the place where people, which never met each other in real life, work together for a charity project.

Join us
Tuesday April 5th at 1.30 PM SL Time
@ SaliMar

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The Event will be showed in Web at this link Pyramid Cafè TV

We’ll introduce you to the collaborative work of the Italian Taste members to raise founds for the
“Harambee Schools” in Kenya
the project on which Loredana Lorec and Lotrec Oh are working from a long time in second life.

With the tribal music background from

Dj Dudy String

the professional fashion model

Anna Sapphire

will wear the outfit made for this project by “The Italian Taste” brands:
*Les Petits Dètails*, *SoliDea FoliEs*, Italica interior design, Wap Design and AD Creations.

The complete outfit will be sold during the event.

All the proceeds will be devolved to the “Harambee Gwassi-Kenya” project in Second Life.

thanx to Loredana Loring to share with us this amazing project!

……………….:..HARAMBEE GWASSI KENYA PROJECT..:”Harambee Gwassi-kenya” is a Project of International Solidarity of ‘Brownsea ONLUS Foundation’and ‘Kenya Scouts Association’started in 1983, in one of the poorest areas of Kenya: the Nyandiwa Peninsula on the shores of Victoria Lake. The project name ‘Harambee’, that means “Work Together” in Swahili language, expresses the intention to avoid any charity: the Italian and African people work together with the same level of dignity, to help local people to develop independently. The first problem to resolve in order to carry welfare was that one of the water: the aqueduct built has led… Drinkable water available on a large region for about 20.000 people and the Decrease of infectious diseases! Since 2002 was born the twinning plan of collaboration between the Italian and Kenyanschools (primary and secondary). The work of building for new schools is continuous and requires great aid and assistance: to give everyone the opportunity to study and grow together!
— Our actions in Second Life are entirely devoted to fundraising for Project “Harambee Kenyan Schools”: Our Shops in Bunny Isles contribute to supporting the initiatives of the project and the Live Concerts “Rock 4 Kenya Tour”, begin in April 2010 by musician EddieGuitarDagger Sheryffe are a fundamental point for fundraising, as well as the help of many Italian and foreign friends who help us for years.

We must continue to work together: Harambee!

SL Coordinators: Loredana Loring & Lotrec Oh


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