White SaliMar*___ is coming__24h aRt EveNt°°°

White SaliMar*___ is coming__24h aRt EveNt°°°, inserito originariamente da Mila Tatham.

From friday March 18th___ from 10AM SLTime – 18.00 Italian Time
saturday March 19th ___ 2PM SL Time – 22.00 Italian Time

Nur is waiting for all of you … she took a fly to … White SaliMar….:* join us

have already arrived…

Nur Moo
Selavy Oh
CapCat Ragu
Meilo Minotaur
Rose Borchowski
Eupalinos Ugajin
Riri Bazar
Theoretical Afterthought
Wallace Roxan
Solkide Auer
Nebulosus Severine
Del May
Nevery Lorakeet
Icarus Robbiani
Sirius Mistwallow
Imparafacile Runo
Helenita Arriaga
Maryhola McMillan
Giovanna Delphin
Suapte Dionysus
Talete Flanagan
Bibdui Babenco
Antonio Tocool
2nd Brando
Grip talon
Clastix Enzo
Faina Cortes

leaves soon … the journey is long!

join us @ White SaliMar***
Mila & Rod <3

White SaliMar in facebook Event***


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