**Fools on SecondLife.com Official Destination Guide***


It ‘s so exciting to wake up Saturday morning and checking the e-mail discovered 88 new visitors to the *Solidea Folies ** Expo!

The reason is simple:)
We are in the Official Destinations Guide on SecondLife.com at this link …. http://secondlife.com/destination/-solidea-folies-salimar!

We are so excited!

And we also want to thanx all friends, bloggers, models and customers who help usreach this goal!

A special thanks goes to Nur, Riri and Buffy for your patience and cooperation and have always encouraged us!

A BIG thanx also goes to Linden Lab editors for the pic and amazing description ” Discover wild gifts, unusual designs and unique builds in this mystical land of retail and whimsy.” Thank you LL:))!!
a great big kiss


Crazy news coming soon!


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